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PS Whey gets new flavors and the Informed-Choice tick

New PS Whey

ProSupps’ all-new version of its flagship protein powder PS Whey is now out and available. The updated supplement features a couple of major changes including new and improved flavors and it’s banned substance tested featuring the official Informed-Choice tick.

A few other things ProSupps is promoting for its new PS Whey are that it’s gluten-free, has no added sugar, and is completely free of amino spiking. Formula wise the product relies on the same sources of protein with a blend of whey isolate and concentrate with 24g of protein per serving for a total of 130 calories.

The update to PS Whey’s list of options is where its most significant changes have come with a new size and entirely new flavors. PS Whey now comes in 2, 5, and 10lb options, with the 5lb being its new size. As for flavors, all three sizes come in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookies & Cream, with the 5lb also having three others in Strawberry Banana, Mocha Cappuccino, and Birthday Cake.

As mentioned, the new and improved PS Whey is now out and available, in fact, there is already a retailer listing the supplement. That retailer is none other than Tiger Fitness who has recently added the updated PS Whey to its website, although by the looks of things only in its new 5lb tub size.