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CT Fletcher’s new Odyssey supplements not at all like Iron Addicts

Odyssey Nutraceuticals

An all-new family of supplements has shown up from CT Fletcher, that’s separate from the incredibly well put together Iron Addicts line. The brand is called Odyssey Nutraceuticals, which isn’t as obviously branded with CT, however, it is referred to as “CT Fletcher’s Signature Odyssey Brand”.

The new line of products has surfaced with a total of five different supplements, all of which are quite a bit different from the Iron Addicts collection. There are three relatively basic, self-explanatory products making up CT Fletcher’s Odyssey family with Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3 Fish Oil, and Plant Based Protein.

The other two from Odyssey are Testosterone Booster, designed to improve testosterone and increase libido, with a handful of non-transparent blends consisting of common test ingredients such as Testofen fenugreek, LJ100 longjack, and saw palmetto. Then there is Master Switch, a unique insulin, energy, and fat eliminating formula featuring ActivAMP gynostemma, InnoSlim, TeaCrine, and Niagen.

Odyssey Nutraceuticals

As you can tell just by the categories of the supplements, Odyssey Nutraceuticals has a very different direction compared to Iron Addicts. Instead of a powerful pre-workout, sleep aid, whey protein, amino, pump formula, and fat burner, we have a plant protein, fish oil, testosterone booster, vitamin, and the multi-category Master Switch.

You can check out the entire Odyssey Nutraceuticals line for yourself over on the website All of the products vary quite a bit in price with the cheapest ones being the vitamin and fish oil at $35, and go all the way up to $69.99 for the testosterone booster.