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Make better use of your carbs with Outbreak Adapt

Outbreak Adapt

Following on from last week’s preview of its upcoming glucose disposal agent, officially named Adapt. Outbreak Nutrition has now released everything you need to know about the supplement, from roughly when it’ll be available to its full list of ingredients.

Better use of your carbs

As mentioned, the upcoming Outbreak Adapt is a glucose disposal agent, designed to do what a lot of other competitors in the complex category promise. Two effects that Adapt primarily focuses on is helping slow the breakdown of glucose and shuttling it into your muscles for use as energy rather than stored as fat.

The above two effects most noticeably result in improved muscle pumps following the use of Adapt with a high carbohydrate meal. In regards to ingredients and doses, Outbreak has packed the product relatively heavy with over 2.5g of active ingredients in a four-capsule serving.

Outbreak Adapt

Outbreak Adapt formula

The full list of features in Outbreak Adapt can be seen in its facts panel above, which like most good supplements is 100% transparently dosed. Some of the highlights from the formula include 600mg of berberine for glycogen efficiency, half a gram of cinnamon (10:1), and 150mg of banaba.

Launching within a month

Fans of the apocalypse-themed brand can expect to see Outbreak Adapt available between the end of this month and early next month. It’s coming in the one 120 capsule bottle size, providing users with enough for the usual number of servings at 30.