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BlenderBottle bringing back the knitted shaker sleeves for Xmas

Pine Blenderbottle

Last year for Christmas, BlenderBottle decided to bring back its 2015 released Peppermint shaker as its limited edition Color Of The Month release. This year the brand is kind of doing the same thing again, although this time it’s being relaunched with slightly different colors.

For 2017 BlenderBottle has put together a new Pine shaker design, which is very similar to last year and 2015’s Peppermint. Pine still features a mostly white theme with a white bottle and lid, but green print instead of red, and a brown cap instead of grey.

Peppermint Blenderbottle

One more thing BlenderBottle is doing once again for its Christmas Color Of The Month release is wrap the limited edition shaker in a knitted sweater sleeve. Much like the differences mentioned above, the knitted shaker sleeve this year features the same kind of a design but with a green and white color combination instead of red and white

Today we’re only previewing BlenderBottle’s Color Of The Month shaker for December, as it’s not yet the 1st, which is when the brand launches its limited edition shakers each month.

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