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Protein Wars V: Battle of the veterans in the quarterfinals

Protein Wars

The busy first rounds of the 2017 Protein Wars are now out of the way, and we’re into the always exciting quarterfinals. Before we go over the matchups in our four quarterfinals groups, we’ll go over the results from last week’s first-round battles.

Like the very first week in this year’s Protein Wars, last week was filled with proteins that won by a lot and proteins that won by a little. The most significant winning margins came from the veteran Optimum Gold Standard Whey, Rule One R1 Protein, Dymatize ISO100, and the very first Protein Wars champion, Cellucor Cor Whey.

As for the proteins that had close contests, there was RivalUs Promasil that won against Core ISO by 3%, and Gaspari that took out its group on 9%. The one other tight race was with Quest Protein that beat newcomer Redcon1’s whey isolate Isotope by just 2%.

The focus now moves to the 2017 Protein Wars quarterfinals where we have a number of interesting matchups. You can see the full list of battles going down this week and vote at, which includes a battle of the veterans with BSN vs Cellucor vs Optimum vs Gaspari.

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