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TNT possibly teasing an amino formula called BCAA Triple Charge

TNT BCAA Triple Charge

The explosive themed UK supplement company TNT, is currently getting ready to release an entirely new product. For now it is only previewing the supplement without any name or category pictured, although we do think we might know what this one is.

Word is TNT does have a BCAA formula coming down the pipeline, which could be the product it’s currently teasing. The name of that supplement is expected to be TNT BCAA Triple Charge, featuring, of course, BCAAs at an unknown dose for muscle recovery and repair.

We’re not yet sure if there is anything else to TNT BCAA Triple Charge’s formula outside of BCAAs; however, its name does suggest so. We should be able to confirm if the BCAA is what TNT plans on launching soon, as it does appear to be dropping teasers for its new product quite frequently.

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