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Maker of the best shaker out there is getting ready to release a jug

Alpha Bottle XXL

Since we first met the brand and its incredibly well-built shaker, we’ve said Alpha Designs’ Alpha Bottle is the best supplement shaker out there. It combines style with a strong build quality and has a number of features that you won’t find on any competitor, making it quite unique.

The UK company Alpha Designs is now getting ready to bring its innovation and reputation to the jug market. It has previewed a product it’s calling the Alpha Bottle XXL, which based on the few teaser pictures we’ve seen, looks to be as unique as the original Alpha Bottle.

The Alpha Bottle XXL features an octagon jug design with an integrated handle and what will no doubt be a strong and secure lid. We’re certainly looking forward to the release of this one, as mentioned the Alpha Bottle is by far the best shaker we’ve ever used, so it would make sense that the Alpha Bottle XXL is the best jug.

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