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Alpha Bottle XXL Review: Another standard-setting Alpha product

Alpha Bottle XXL Review

The Alpha Bottle XXL is the latest release from Alpha Designs, the brand behind our favorite supplement shaker on the market, the original Alpha Bottle. The UK brand really set the standard in terms of quality and design with its first-ever release, combining a unique form with all the function you could want in a shaker.

The Alpha Bottle XXL is Alpha Designs’ entry into the growing jug market, with yet another one-of-a-kind, standard setting product. Not only does the jug look very different from any other jug out there, but after putting it to good use over the past week or so, we can confirm it’s built very differently too.

Build and design

Like the Alpha Bottle, you can feel the high build quality as soon as you pick up the 2.4 liter Alpha Bottle XXL. The jug’s plastic has a stylishly smooth finish to it as well as a strong shape that just feels better than any of the other jugs we’ve used.

Complimenting the build quality of the Alpha Bottle XXL is a unique design that looks even better up close and in your hands than it does in pictures. The octagonal shape is extremely stylish and practical, not once feeling at all uncomfortable to hold or carry around.

Alpha Bottle XXL Review

Leak-proof lid

While the design and build quality are both great highlights of the Alpha Bottle XXL, there are two other features that truly complete it. Firstly, You may not think a secure and reliable lid is all that important, but when you actually use a jug with one, it makes all the difference.

Alpha Bottle XXL’s well-designed lid never has you second guessing if you tightened it too much or not enough. It screws on very smoothly and seamlessly stops when it can’t go any further. We also pushed the jug to the limits in terms of capacity and movement, and feel Alpha Designs’ leak-proof promise is something you can trust.

Alpha Bottle XXL Review

The other feature that completes the Alpha Bottle XXL is its lid. It’s not that much bigger than your average plastic jug but is the ideal size for scooping in aminos or an intra-workout. The jug’s opening size isn’t exactly a groundbreaking feature, although, like its other highlights, it compliments and completes an already well put together product.


All we can say is that Alpha Designs has done it again with the Alpha Bottle XXL. When it released the original Alpha Bottle, it was pretty clear that the brand was all about making quality products. Just like how the Alpha Bottle raised the bar for shakers, the new Alpha Bottle XXL has done it for jugs combining matchless build quality, a one-of-a-kind design, and useful, well-placed features.