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Arez White and Black combining for the ultimate pre-workout

Arez Legendary

NTel Pharma is a relatively new and upcoming supplement company that has really made a name for itself in 2017. While it does have quite the variety of products available with a protein powder, muscle builders, fat burners, and more. There is one particular category NTel Pharma is most famous for.

Leading the way in the brand’s growing family of supplements are its reputable pre-workouts. The Arez: God Of The Gym line is NTel Pharma’s most known release, which consists of two pre-workout products, the regular white Arez and the alternatively black themed Arez.

Both of NTel Pharma’s Arez supplements pack some rather hefty, fully transparent formulas. The white Arez for example, provides 3g of the performance enhancer beta-alanine, 125mg of the powerful stimulant DMHA, 350mg of caffeine, half a gram of agmatine, and a handful of other ingredients.

Arez Legendary

This week we actually have a pretty major announcement to share that fans of Arez White and Black will want to know about. The news is that NTel Pharma is apparently getting ready to release another pre-workout that is said to be a merger of its two top pre-workouts, hoping to create a truly legendary product.

To get some hype going for the exciting pre-workout, NTel Pharma has passed on a couple of interesting details. The two bits of information are that the supplement will have over a gram of stimulants and a blend of pump ingredients almost as big as a serving of the white Arez.

NTel Pharma is looking to drop the new pre-workout early 2018 and by the sounds of things, quite possibly dominate the category for the rest of the year.