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Olimp lightens its BCAA dose for BCAA Xplode Energy

BCAA Xplode Energy

The massive European supplement company, Olimp, has announced that it’s throwing its hat into the ring of BCAA and energy products. The brand has introduced an all-new spin-off of its BCAA formula BCAA Xplode appropriately named BCAA Xplode Energy.

Surprisingly the new Olimp supplement isn’t quite as simple as the original BCAA Xplode mixed with a few energy ingredients. The brand has actually lowered the dose of BCAAs in BCAA Xplode Energy compared to the regular BCAA Xplode, as well as added in a couple of other features.

Packed into each serving of Olimp’s BCAA Xplode Energy is 2g of recovery enhancing BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, which is a third of the 6g per serving you get in BCAA Xplode. The other ingredients making up the combination are a light 1g dose of beta-alanine, vitamin B6, and 150mg of the classic stimulant caffeine taking care of the energy side of things.

The latest Olimp release should be hitting store shelves soon if not already in the one, half a kilogram tub size. It also comes in two flavors, one being a traditional Fruit Punch recipe and the other a lot less traditional with Cola.