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Bhu launches Protein and Low Sugar Granola for a limited time

Bhu Fit Protein Granola

Bhu Foods, the creative company behind the delicious Bhu Protein Cookie Dough, has launched two new products this week that are only going to be around for a limited time. Like all of the brand’s items, its latest explain what they are in their titles with the obvious names, Protein Granola and Low Sugar Granola.

Both products come with essentially the same combination of ingredients, although the Protein Granola obviously has a few extra things to give it that protein. The consistent main ingredients between the two are organic oats, sunflower seeds, prebiotic fiber, coconut oil, and coconut flake,.

The extra features you get in Bhu’s Protein Granola are organic pea protein, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds. The macros per 30g serving in the Lower Sugar Granola are 3g of protein, 18g of carbs with a gram of that sugar, 7g of fat, and 150 calories. The Protein Granola has a heavier 55g serving with 10g of protein, 17g of fat, 250 calories, and is also low in sugar with 24g of carbs and only 2g of that sugar. is the currently the best place to get your hands on either of Bhu Foods’ new granola products. They both come in the same size bag weighing in at 12oz and cost exactly the same at $9.99 each.