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BPS launches its first basic Hard-L3v3l S3ri3s product Zinc 75ers

BPS Pharma Zinc

The German supplement company behind the uniquely named series of Not4Pussy pre-workouts, BPS Pharma. Has officially launched a all-new basic product alled Zinc 75ers, which is the first release from the brand’s also new Hard-L3v3l S3ri3s.

The latest BPS Pharma supplement actually explains everything that it is right in its title. Zinc 75ers is a zinc only formula featuring per capsule, 75mg of zinc bisglycinate, a form of zinc BPS says has a 40% higher absorption rate compared to the likes of zinc citrate.

You can buy BPS Pharma’s new Zinc 75ers today through its website, at a price of €15.99 for a full 90 capsule bottle.

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