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Get a box of each flavor of Buff Bake’s Sandwich Cookies and save

Buff Bake Sandwich Cookies

Earlier this week Buff Bake launched its all-new hybrid snack with the protein cookie and nut butter combination called Protein Sandwich Cookies. Initially the delicious looking snack was only available through its exclusive retailer the Vitamin Shoppe, at a price of $17.99 per eight packet box.

You can now also get Buff Bake’s Sandwich Cookies through its own online store at The price on a full box is exactly the same as it is at the Vitamin Shoppe, although there is something else Buff Bake’s website has that the retailer does not.

On top of having the Sandwich Cookies available in single flavor boxes, Buff Bake has a variety option where you can get a box each of the product’s three flavors. The bonus there is you also get a bit of a discount with the three boxes costing a total of $49.99, which is actually what we just ordered for a review.