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Guardian Powerflex built around reliable joint support ingredients

Guardian Powerflex

Silverback Nutraceuticals recently confirmed that it would be entering the joint support category with a supplement called Guardian Powerflex. Initially, we didn’t know all that much about the product as the brand had not revealed everything, however now, Powerflex is out and available along with all of the details we were previously missing.

It turns out Silverback has kept things relatively straightforward for its joint competitor Guardian Powerflex. It features just four ingredients, three of which you’ll probably be familiar with if you’re a regular joint support supplement user.

The four ingredients and doses making up each serving of Guardian Powerflex are 200mg of MSM, 1.5g of glucosamine, and 150mg each of chondroitin and cissus quadrangularis. The combination promises to promote overall healthy joint function, as well as joint strength and cartilage.

Silverback Nutraceuticals’ fans can now purchase Guardian Powerflex through at a price of $34.99 for a full 30 serving bottle. Unlike a few of the brand’s other products, Guardian Powerflex is not available in a stack or anything, although at the rate Silverback’s line is growing we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a complete family stack soon.