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MTS gives you the chance to try two of its latest products at a great price

Ice Cream Sandwich Machine Whey

Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition recently launched a new flavor for its popular protein powder Machine Whey with a recipe called Ice Cream Sandwich. As well as sounding like quite a delicious protein flavor, Lobliner himself describes it as the brand’s “best flavor ever”.

If Lobliner’s claim of Ice Cream Sandwich Machine Whey interested you even a little bit, you will want to check out the offer that’s available this week. The home of MTS, Tiger Fitness, has launched a limited time offer where you can get any flavor of Machine Whey, including the new Ice Cream Sandwich, with a free, full-size tub of Machine Fuel.

The free Machine Fuel is also the recently reformulated version featuring the addition of coconut water powder. The deal essentially gives you the chance to try two of MTS Nutrition’s latest releases at a great price. As mentioned the Machine Fuel is free, so the cost of the two products is just the regular Machine Whey price of $54.99.