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Pandy Protein Chocolate hits Europe in 1 of its 3 flavors

Pandy Protein Chocolate

Just as the Swedish snack company said when it unveiled its new protein infused chocolate blocks late last week. Pandy’s all-new Protein Chocolate is now out and available for purchase in Europe, in one of its three delicious looking flavors.

The new supplement can be found in a number of places including the Swedish retailer Gym Grossisten. The store has the Pandy Protein Chocolate in stock in its Chocolate Orange flavor at a price of 30 kr ($3.57 USD) per block or 27 kr ($3.21 USD) each if you purchase a case of 12 blocks.

There is one other thing we can confirm thanks to the arrival of the Pandy Protein Chocolate, which is its nutrition profile. We already knew it had 22% protein, so 17.6g per 80g block, with its other macros being 26.8g of carbohydrates (2.4g sugar), 20.8g of fat (12.8g saturated), and a total of 336.8 calories.