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Series of DC Comics villain shakers hinted at by Performa

Performa Villain Series

Perfect Shaker, the fitness accessory brand that now goes by the name Performa, looks like it might have something new and exciting released in time for Christmas. For those unfamiliar with the Performa line, it’s most famous for its collection of superhero shakers such as Superman, Hulk, Batman, and Spider-man.

This week Performa has dropped a teaser image hinting at something we’ve been waiting for since the release of the DC Comics film Suicide Squad. The brand’s image features a burning Gotham City along with the words “Chaos Is Coming” and “Can Batman save this city this time?”

Performa’s teaser leaves us thinking we’re in for a new line of shakers that’s all about Batman or at least DC Comics villains. That could possibly include well-known characters such as the Joker, Bane, and the Riddler, all of which would make for some colorful shakers.

The shaker brand does tend to move pretty quickly from teasers to release, so we should be finding out exactly what Performa has in store for everyone for Christmas soon.

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