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Protein Sandwich Cookies Review: Realistic cookies with smooth nut butter

Protein Sandwich Cookies

When Buff Bake announced that it had combined its two products — protein infused nut butter and protein cookies — into the one protein snack. We knew that whatever the creation turned out to be, we had to give it a go.

Nutrition profile

The new Buff Bake product is a creation called Protein Sandwich Cookies. It is essentially two small protein cookies pushed together with a layer of nut butter between them. Each packet of four Sandwich Cookies provides 12g of protein, 17g of carbohydrates with 13g of that sugar, 13g of fat (5g saturated), and 220 calories.

Today we’ve got the unique protein infused Buff Bake release in for review, to find out first hand if the Protein Sandwich Cookies taste anywhere near as good as they look.

Protein Sandwich Cookies

Cookie consistency

Depending on the flavor, the cookie part of Buff Bake’s Protein Sandwich Cookies can be somewhat soft and crunchy or very crunchy, kind of like an actual cookie. We found that the Snickerdoodle has the harder and crunchier cookies, then the Double Chocolate, with Peanut Butter Cup being the softest of the lot, although still realistically crunchy.

Nut butter center

Once you bite through the cookie layers, you then get to the nut butter center which isn’t as enjoyable as we’d hoped. The nut butter really just adds a bit of creaminess to the cookie chunks you’re chewing, not all that much flavor.

Protein Sandwich Cookies

With the cookies being the first thing you bite into, it’s not too surprising that their flavor is what dominates the snack’s overall taste. The only flavor we feel offers anything majorly noticeable from the nut butter is Peanut Butter Cup, as you do taste a bit of its sweet white chocolate and there is a small hint of peanut in the Double Chocolate.

Overall experience

When the real cookie like crunchy cookies and thick nut butter do combine, they actually end up amplifying one another. The nut butter does just add consistency to the snack and not much flavor, but it is that consistency that seems to balance out the cookies and make it a smooth flavor-filled experience, without any of that typical, doughy protein snack aftertaste.

Protein Sandwich Cookies

Favorite flavor

Our favorite flavor of the lot would be the Peanut Butter Cup, then the Double Chocolate, and Snickerdoodle. The Peanut Butter Cup is just a better overall package. It has a slightly less dense cookie that is made even smoother with the nut butter, and the mix of its peanut butter heavy cookie and white chocolate butter make for a delicious combination.

If however, you’re a chocolate lover, you will not be disappointed with the Double Chocolate Protein Sandwich Cookies. It is quite heavy on the chocolate, almost to the point of being brownie-like, which is partly due to its chocolate and slightly peanutty nut butter mixing so nicely with the cookie.


Simply put, Buff Bake’s Protein Sandwich Cookies are very enjoyable. Once you open a pack, there is a good chance you’ll quickly finish all four Protein Sandwich Cookies. The product isn’t exactly game-changing, although it is incredibly delicious and something that if you’re already a Buff Bake fan, you will want to try.