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Protein Wars V: MAN gets its Nutrabio rematch by 2%

Protein Wars

After four weeks of very intense competition we’re now onto the grand final of the 2017 Protein Wars and it is a rematch of last year’s battle. The two supplements that have emerged from the semifinals are MAN Sports’ creatively flavored ISO-Protein and two-time champion Nutrabio Whey Protein Isolate.

While Nutrabio managed to dominate its opponent from last week, the veteran Optimum Gold Standard Whey, winning with 65% to 35. Things were nowhere near as clear-cut with MAN Sports and the fully transparent protein it was up against, Ghost Whey.

Heading into the weekend it didn’t look like MAN Sports was going to have any trouble making it to the Protein Wars final, however, that all changed Friday night. While the scores weren’t visible on Saturday and Sunday, that was when Ghost decided to strike, almost coming through with a complete upset.

Protein Wars

The finishing score between MAN Sports ISO-Protein and Ghost Whey was one of the closest contests we’ve ever seen in the Protein Wars semifinals. MAN ended up winning on just 51%, leaving, of course, Ghost Whey on 49%.

As mentioned, this year’s Protein Wars grand final is a rematch of 2016 with MAN Sports ISO-Protein taking on Nutrabio Whey Protein Isolate. Voting is now open over at, with the polls closing at the usual time of midnight this Sunday.