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Rule One beefs up its amino R1 Train with more BCAAs

R1 Train BCAAs

Rule One has relaunched its amino formula R1 Train as R1 Train BCAAs this week, which features a little more than just a slight name change. The formula behind the new R1 Train BCAAs is also quite different from R1 Train, although it is still a BCAA heavy amino supplement.

The main changes Rule One has made from R1 Train to R1 Train BCAAs are as follows. The product now features 7g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio instead of 6g at a 4:1:1 along with the same amount of glutamine and citrulline malate at 2.5g and 1.5g per serving.

Rounding out the combination, R1 Train BCAAs no longer features Hydromax glycerol or betaine, as well as has half the amount of taurine at half a gram instead of a gram, and one entirely new ingredient with half a gram of coconut water.

R1 Train BCAAs

Rule One has essentially beefed up the BCAA dose in R1 Train BCAAs, and held on to a few of the formula’s other main ingredients. In turn, however, the brand’s dropped a couple of features, losing the pump enhancer HydroMax and strength ingredient betaine.

The all-new R1 Train BCAAs is now available directly through the brand’s website at It’s priced relatively competitively at $19.99 although for 25 servings instead of the usual 30, and $35.99 for 50 servings. Both sizes also have an impressive seven different flavors to choose from.