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Rainbow Sherbet 1 of 4 new Amino IV flavors launching tomorrow

Amino IV

Tomorrow, the well respected PEScience is going to be running its last big insider launch for 2017. The supplement involved this time around is the brand’s amino formula Amino IV, which is getting four all-new flavors.

PEScience has, of course, kept the formula for Amino IV exactly the same, still featuring 5g of leucine, a 3g EAA blend, and electrolytes. As for the names of the new flavors, they are Raspberry Grape, Orange Dreamsicle, and the two candy recipes Cotton Candy and Rainbow Sherbet.

As mentioned, PEScience plans on launching the four new Amino IV flavors tomorrow through its insider. If you’re not signed up to the brand’s insider you can do so relatively easily on its website at