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Kai Greene gets his own signature pair of Ryderwear lifting shoes

Kai Greene Signature D-Mak

The face of Dynamik Muscle, Kai Greene, has been a big ambassador for the bodybuilding or lifting shoe company Ryderwear, for quite some time. To be fair being one of, if not the most popular bodybuilder in the world, Kai Greene is definitely one of the better people to partner with in the industry.

Ryderwear has now taken its partnership that little bit further and created a limited edition, Kai Greene Signature shoe. The product has a design very similar to the brand’s other shoes, although it does have plenty of features that make it stand out just as much as Kai.

Kai Greene Signature D-Mak

The Kai Greene Signature D-Mak comes with a unique pattern along its sides and upper back as well as features Kai’s signature on the side and name on the tongue and sole. It comes in three different colors with Black, Red, and Charcoal (grey).

At the moment you can’t actually buy Ryderwear’s Kai Greene Signature shoe. All the brand is wanting right now is that anyone interested in the new product to register their interest through its website. You’ll then be notified by Ryderwear when the product arrives and is available for purchase.

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