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You can now get Up Energy Drink for less than $2 a can

Up Energy Drink

Roughly one week ago, Christian Guzman essentially relaunched his energy drink UP Energy with a handful of new features. The brand’s changes included a switch from its original bottle packaging to a more traditional can, the addition of a new blue flavor, and better pricing.

This week, after receiving apparently over 1,800 emails about whether or not Up Energy is looking for brand ambassadors. The energy drink company has introduced a program where everyone can show and share their appreciation for Christian Guzman’s energy drink.

The brand has put together a referral system where you can give $5 and get $5 in return. The way it works is you sign up for Up Energy’s Referral Candy program, and you’ll get given a link. Every person that then purchases via your link will get $5 off and will also earn you $5.

It is as mentioned a great way for fans of Up Energy with any size following, to help spread the word about the product. If you’re just after the $5 discount feel free to use our referral coupon link, which will discount Up Energy Drink to as low as $1.87 a can when buying two cases.