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American Made targeting females with its new All-American Girl line

All-American Girl

Last year we introduced American Made Nutrition, a brand that has added to its growing lineup numerous times since we first posted about it. Recently the team behind American Made launched something quite large, although the launch isn’t exactly for its own line of supplements.

American Made Nutrition now has a spin-off family of products called All-American Girl. The line is of course built specifically for female fitness enthusiasts, with quite the lengthy list of supplements available. Currently, the brand has competitors in the weight loss category, muscle building, protein, beauty, water loss, and self-tanning.

The All-American Girl products aren’t overly special or anything we haven’t seen before, with the majority featuring relatively simple formulas. For example, the brand’s stimulant fat burner Skinny Jeans, combines caffeine, green tea, glucomannan, fursultiamine, tyrosine, an extremely light 14mg blend of kola nut and carnitine, raspberry ketones, and yohimbe.

All-American Girl

The main idea behind the All-American Girl line simply seems to be a collection of supplements that are more beneficial for women. We’ve certainly seen much better formulas from other brands, including American Made’s own family of products, although the female series does bring together a specific and somewhat unique variety of supplements.

You can find out more about All-American Girl through its website at Also, despite the brand not being all that old, it has confirmed that another product will be joining its lineup soon, with an energy infused amino.

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