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Brand Of The Year: Ten nominees for 2017

Stack3d Brands Of The Year

Immediately after the end of every year, we stop and take a look back at the past 12 months and think about who truly had an impact on the industry. It’s what we call the brand of the year award, where we nominate ten top trending companies, then hand pick and announce our five favorites in order from 5th to 1st.

Today is that time where we share our ten nominees for the Stack3d brand of the year. In no specific order, they are Grenade, ProSupps, MAN Sports, Redcon1, Ambrosia, Olympus Labs, Sparta Nutrition, Ghost, MTS Nutrition, and Primeval Labs.

The way we select the names for the brand of the year is based on a number of things. Some of the things we look for include, did we consistently see the brand in headlines over the year and not just here and there? Did it keep its fans interested with ongoing sales and content, were any of its supplements overly impressive, and did it do anything different?

In our minds, tur ten nominees answered those questions above better than any other brands in 2017, with our top five being even better again. We will be sharing those top five brands over the next couple of weeks, as mentioned starting with our 5th favorite then finishing with our number one brand of the year.

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