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Bodybuilding Signature Series

Following last week’s major launch of the Signature Series, made up of over ten relatively straightforward and somewhat complex supplements. The online retailer has given the new line its first ever sale with a strong 25% off every single one of the Signature products.

The supplements in the Signature Series were already quite competitive in price. Some examples of that competitiveness can be seen in its protein powder 100% Whey usually costing $50 for 5lbs, and its BCAA only formula sitting at $17.99 for 30 servings.

All of the Signature Series prices have now been dropped by a quarter, taking the likes of 100% Whey down to $37.50 for 5lbs and the line’s pre-workout to $21. You can get in on all the action at, and there is no coupon required for the 25% discount.