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Force Factor launches its fast acting libido enhancer Score!

Force Factor Score

Force Factor has launched a new testosterone supplement this month, or at least a supplement that’s in that sort of area. The new product actually gets its title from what it hopes to help with, going by the name Score!

The latest from Force Factor is officially described as a libido enhancer designed to help “unleash your potential in the bedroom”. It promises quick results along with effects such as intensified sexual vitality, enhanced desire, and maximized physical response.

Force Factor Score

Force Factor’s fast acting libido enhancer actually packs quite the variety of ingredients to deliver on its promises. A few highlights from the formula (label above) include citrulline to help with blood flow, a few traditional testosterone features such as horny goat weed, and BioPerine to help with absorption of everything.

The retailer GNC is one of the first places listing Force Factor Score! for the reasonable price of $29.99. Each bottle comes with a total of 76 capsules, providing a rather odd number of servings with 19, as each serving is made up of four capsules.