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Genius Heart here to help with brain function, heart health and more

Genius Heart

Genius Supplements’ previously previewed Genius Heart & Cardiovascular has arrived this week, revealing everything you need to know about it. As its name suggests, the brand’s latest product is built to help with overall heart and cardiovascular health.

The new Genius Heart & Cardiovascular actually comes with quite a lengthy list of benefits. The supplement aims to help support normal blood pressure, lower cholesterol, enhance memory and focus, increase endurance, and improve heart health.

Genius Heart

To ensure it comes through on all of the above, Genius Heart & Cardiovascular features four transparently dosed, branded ingredients. Packed into each serving of the product is 300mg each of Pantesin pantethine and MegaNatural BP grape seed, 100mg of MicroActive coQ10, and 60mcg of MenaQ7 vitamin K2.

Like with all of Genius Supplements’ new releases, the new Genius Heart & Cardiovascular is available first through the online giant Amazon. It is currently priced at $25 for a full-size tub, with each tub packing a total of 30 servings which is the usual 30 days’ supply at the directed one capsule, twice a day.

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