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A1 Supplements first to stock ProSupps’ Hyde Power Potion

Hyde Power Potion

The highly anticipated energy drink from ProSupps, Hyde Power Potion, has finally arrived after months of teasing and hype. The product is still out of stock on the brand’s own online store, however, there is now a retailer that’s shown up with stock of it.

A1 Supplements is the place that has made Hyde Power Potion available for purchase, although only in the one flavor. That flavor is Cherry Cola, leaving the energy drink’s other four options — Island Punch, Pineapple Cooler, Purple Mist, and Winter Blast — still to come.

The price on Hyde Power Potion at A1 Supplements is $31.95 for a full case of 16 cans. That actually works out to be relatively competitive, dividing up into just under $2 per can.