Insane Labz previews its very different looking #Pre

Insane Labz Pre

One of the categories Insane Labz most commonly releases new supplements for is the competitive world of pre-workouts. We’ve actually seen more products for that area from Insane Labz than some brands have in their entire lineups.

Today Insane Labz has dropped a preview of another entry into the pre-workout category, although we will say this one looks very different. From what we can gather, the supplement is simply named Pre or #Pre, which features a look unlike any of the brand’s other products.

Insane Labz #Pre comes dressed in a bright yellow label with black text, along the same lines as Neon Sport from Cellucor. We don’t have any idea on what kind of effects #Pre will deliver or what ingredients it has, just that it packs 30 servings per tub and weighs 7.33g per serving.

We’ll be sure to share more information on this one as soon as it comes in. Although, if you are an Insane Labz fan do remember that the brand also has its new Psychotic Gold due to arrive this coming Monday.

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