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Olympus Labs unveils K1ng’s Slayer, a revamped version of Orig1n

K1ngs Slayer

A couple of years ago back in 2016 Olympus Labs, launched Orig1n, a muscle building supplement described as a “supercharged growth igniter”. The product was promoted with a number of interesting benefits including increased appetite, IGF-1 signaling, accelerated recovery, and improved digestion and nutrient uptake.

Next month Olympus Labs plans on releasing a revamped version of Orig1n officially named K1ng’s Slayer. The supplement is aiming to deliver a similar list of effects with increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, and one of Orig1n’s more unique benefits, appetite stimulation.

In terms of ingredients for Olympus Labs King’s Slayer, we don’t know any just yet. What we can confirm is that the product will have a pretty big six-capsule serving size, giving it plenty of room for some hefty doses to ensure it comes through on its promises.

According to Olympus Labs, K1ng’s Slayer will be arriving sometime around mid-February. Based on that timeframe the supplement should be out and available in between four to five weeks’ time.