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Inspired is also reformulating its stimulant fat burner KOR

Inspired KOR

Inspired Nutraceuticals recently unveiled its all-new look for 2018 at our new year’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo. The unveiling previewed rebranded versions of CR3, the fat burner KOR, BCAA, and the reformulated DVST8 which we recently got a chance to sample and shared our thoughts on.

It turns out, Inspired’s pre-workout isn’t the only rebranded product that’s going to be slightly different this year. Inspired has confirmed that its stimulant powered fat burner KOR is also being updated for the new year.

So far the brand hasn’t really said anything about what’s changing for the all-new version of KOR. All we know is that it is still a weight loss supplement looking to deliver increased energy, improved mental focus, and of course, fat burning support.

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