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Mutant launches what it claims to be its best gym bag ever

Mutant Gym Bag

Mutant fans have got themselves an all-new item to add to their collections this week and it’s not a supplement. The hardcore branded company has just launched a new gym bag that it claims to be the best gym bag it has ever produced.

The product makes use of one of Mutant’s more known slogans “Leave Humanity Behind”, which it features the initials of across the top. The gym bag comes in just the one red or burgundy color option, with a bit of yellow spread out around it as well as a few black accents.

Feature-wise Mutant has loaded this one up, giving it a lengthy list of highlights justifying why the brand claims it to be its best gym bag yet. The new Leave Humanity Behind bag is carry-on travel size with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap, custom LHB printed interior, stylish Mutant zippers, and plenty of pockets.

The Mutant gym bag is now available on its website through both its US and Canadian stores. It’ll cost you $59.99 (CA$69.99) and you are going to want to move fast if you’re interested, as the brand has said the item is a limited edition, one-time run release, so once it’s sold out, that’s it.

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