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MAN Sports Adapta Series, a small line of workout tools

MAN Sports Adapta Series

MAN Sports has taken a break from supplements this week and released a new line of fitness equipment called the Adapta Series. The line consists of three relatively cost-effective workout tools that can all be used in the comfort of your own home.

The products making up MAN Sports’ Adapta Series are the Adapta Tubes, a set of five different resistance bands at varying strength and come with a variety of handle attachments. The Adapta Loops, another set of five resistance loop bands, and then finally the Adapta Rope, a branded, customizable speed rope.

MAN Sports has made all of its new Adapta Series fitness accessories available through its website at The Adapta Loops and Rope will cost you $24.99 and the Tubes $54.99, although you can also buy all three products together and save quite a bit for a combined total of $79.98.

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