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MyoBlox Cryo Series returns with Jack’D Frost for Loco and Illa

Myoblox Cryo Series

While the supplement company MyoBlox can be found and purchased online from places like Natural Body as well as the brand’s own website. MyoBlox does have a reason you may want to visit a physical retailer to purchase its products, especially if you’re a big fan.

Some time ago, MyoBlox launched what it calls the Cryo Series. From how it’s been explained to us, the MyoBlox Cryo Series is one of the many collections of limited edition flavors the brand launches once every year.

The MyoBlox Cryo Series includes special release flavors for the brand’s pre-workout Loco and amino formula Illa. This month MyoBlox has once again launched its limited edition Cryo Series, making Loco and Illa both available in a flavor called Jack’D Frost.

As mentioned earlier, this is something that should get you purchasing MyoBlox from a physical supplement retailer. The main reason behind that is the entire MyoBlox Cryo Series is, in fact, exclusive to physical stores and is not something you’ll be able to find online.

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