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GAT is putting it to a vote for its next new Nitraflex flavor


GAT has announced that it’s looking for help deciding on its next new flavor for its widely available pre-workout Nitraflex. The brand has actually orchestrated quite the promotion for the decision which involves social media and the Arnold Classic.

The way it’s all going to work is, starting today GAT is asking fans to head to its Instagram and comment with the Nitraflex flavor they want to see released. The brand is giving you five flavors to choose from with Peach Mango, Grape, Cherry Limeade, Passion Fruit, and Pink Lemonade.

Next, GAT is going to count up all the votes in time for the Arnold Classic at the beginning of March, then have a live vote between the top two choices at the Arnold Expo. We like the sound of Passion Fruit or Peach Mango, but it is all going to come down to the fans and what they want.