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Rise Performance details its 10:1:1 ratio BCAA supplement

Rise Performance BCAA

Rise Performance has officially unveiled its new amino supplement, which we shared a preview of less than one week ago. The name of the product is BCAA+, and as you’d expect from Rise, the formula behind the supplement is a little more than what you’ll find in most aminos competitors.

The upcoming Rise Performance BCAA+ comes packed with BCAAs, various aminos, and electrolytes. The product’s primary purpose is to help with muscle recovery and repair thanks to the BCAAs, although it does have a few other benefits from its other ingredients.

Rise Performance BCAA

The BCAAs in BCAA+ are dosed at a solid 7.2g per serving with a leucine heavy ratio of 10:1:1, working out 6g of leucine and 600mg each of isoleucine and valine. The other features in the formula are 1.5g of glutamine, a gram each of citrulline and taurine, half a gram of carnitine, and a handful of electrolytes.

Rise Performance BCAA+ is not yet available, or at least for now it hasn’t been added to the brand’s official online store. When it does eventually arrive, it’ll come in the one 30 serving tub size, and as far as we know, just the one Blackcherry Lemonade flavor.