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Steel Supplements now has custom meal plans available for $150

Steel Supplements

Steel Supplements has added a new item to its online store which isn’t the usual product we see from the Jason Huh brand. The latest from Steel is a custom meal plan that is exactly that, a meal plan customized uniquely for you.

The meal plans involve a four-week nutrition program that helps you reach the goal you’re aiming for. They utilize a carbohydrate cycle format giving you low, high, and medium carb days to continuously challenge your body.

While the Steel Supplements meal plans do have a consistent format, they are not templates or premade. The team behind the programs take a number of things into account when creating the plans such as your likes, dislikes, body type, and personal goals, then tailors it all to suit you.

You can purchase yourself a Steel Supplements custom meal plan through the brand’s website at The price on a full four-week program is $149.99 with 48-hour support available if you have any issues.

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