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4+ Nutrition launches an energy shot marketed towards soccer players

Shot Pre Match

Our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition, has added a new on-the-go product to its line-up this week called Shot Pre Match. It appears to be a supplement marketed towards competitive soccer players for use before a big game, or really any activity similar, like a sports match or endurance race.

The main idea of 4+ Nutrition’s new Shot Pre Match is to give you a boost in energy and concentration before a major athletic performance. The product combines a number of commonly used energy and endurance ingredients into a small, easy to drink, 40ml Fruit Explosion flavored energy shot.

Each bottle of Shot Pre Match packs 11g of sugar from fructose and dextrose, a gram of taurine, 180mg of vitamin C, 100mg of yerba mate, and 150mg of the reliable caffeine. The combination, as you can see, is pretty straightforward, but still enough for the supplement to come through on its promises of better energy and concentration.

You can get 4+ Nutrition’s all-new energy shot now through its online Italian store at Shot Pre Match is pretty expensive at €48 ($60.14 USD) per case; however, those cases have a total of 24 shots in them, working out to a not so expensive €2 per shot.