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Alpha Generate featuring a bit more than a straightforward BCAA

Alpha Generate

The team over at Alpha Breed Nutrition now has an amino supplement in its lineup called Alpha Generate. The product does take things a little bit further than most amino formulas, as to enhance recovery the brand has thrown in more than just the usual BCAAs.

Each scoop of Alpha Breed’s Alpha Generate packs a typical 5g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio. As mentioned there is a bit more to the supplement than just BCAAs, as it also features a hefty 3g of glutamine, 2g of taurine, 1.5g of alanine, and electrolytes to help with hydration.

The all-new Alpha Breed product is now available through the brand’s online store, where there is also a bit of a sale at the moment. For a limited time, you can use the coupon “alpha20” and get 20% off Alpha Generate, dropping it to $27.99 for a 30 serving tub.