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Ben & Jerry’s Moo-Phoria ice cream light on calories, not on flavor

Ben Jerrys Moo-Phoria

The mainstream ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has come out with a new line of light ice cream called Moo-Phoria. There are a total of three flavors in the series, all of which according to the brand, are light in fat and calories, but not flavor.

Compared to your typical Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream, the new Moo-Phoria options are indeed much better when it comes to calorie counts. When you compare the Moo-Phoria Milk & Cookies flavor to the regular Milk & Cookies, you get 18g of fat per pint instead of 68, and exactly half the calories totaling 560 per pint.

Ben Jerrys Moo-Phoria

Alongside Milk & Cookies flavor, the Moo-Phoria series also has PB Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix, both keeping with the low fat and calorie theme. Another macro worth mentioning is sugar, as comparing the Milk & Cookies again, the Moo-Phoria has a still somewhat high 60g per pint, although that’s 32g less than the regular version.

You can read all about Ben & Jerry’s Moo-Phoria line on its website where you can purchase any of the three new releases as well. The brand’s online store has them priced at $6.99 each with $19 flat rate shipping, or you can get the gift pack with all three flavors plus shipping for $37.99.