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Hybrid formula BCAA Shredded coming soon to Core Extreme

Core Extreme BCAA Shredded

The still very young supplement company Core Extreme Nutrition is currently preparing to add an entirely new product to its lineup. At the moment the brand’s family has just a few items in it with a protein powder, RX-D Pre-Workout, and its original pre-workout competitor, Boost.

The upcoming Core Extreme supplement is called BCAA Shredded, which as you can probably figure out, is a weight loss infused BCAA formula. The product intends to bring together a hybrid type experience with ingredients for burning fat and aminos for recovery.

The brand has yet to reveal the complete list of ingredients in its new BCAA Shredded; however, it has passed on a sneak peek confirming four features. On the recovery side, the supplement will have 5g of InstAminos BCAAs and 25mg of ActiGin, and for weight loss 250mg of InnoSlim and a gram of carnitine l-tartrate.

Despite not all of Core Extreme’s BCAA Shredded details being out there yet, you can already pre-order the product. The brand has thrown it up on its website for $35.99 per tub, with an estimate on the supplement’s arrival being somewhere within the next couple of months.