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MaxxMuscle adds the full spectrum amino EAAmmo to its website


Anth Bailes’ supplement company MaxxMuscle, has added the first entirely new product to its line since launching the brand mid last year. The supplement is for one of the few major categories MaxxMuscle wasn’t competing in with an amino formula called EAAmmo.

The new product follows the amino trend we’ve seen a lot of lately, where its formula features a more complete spectrum of aminos, as opposed to just BCAAs. Each serving of EAAmmo has over 10g of amino acids, which does include a strong dose of BCAAs, all to help with endurance as well as muscle growth and recovery.


The exact formula behind the latest MaxxMuscle supplement packs 7.9g of EAAs, 6g of that being BCAAs, along with another 2g of glutamine, 1.5g each of glycine and taurine, and half a gram of tyrosine. EAAmmo also features a solid 250mg of the adaptogen ashwagandha.

MaxxMuscle’s all-new EAAmmo now appears to be out and available, although stock is not yet on the brand’s own website. Directly through the MaxxMuscle store, the product will cost you £49.99 for a full-size 30 serving tub with two tastes to choose from in Tropical Lime and Cherry.

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