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More information on the upcoming Stack3d Insider program

Stack3d Insider

Next week we plan on launching our new Stack3d Insider program where simply put, you’re going to be able to save a lot of money when buying top supplements. Since our introductory post on Wednesday, we’ve received a number of questions about it, so we figured we’d pass on a bit more information.

The way it’s going to work is at the beginning of each month, anyone subscribed to Stack3d Insider will get an email. That email will list a variety of offers from a number of supplement companies’ websites that you can take advantage of by remembering and entering a single coupon code.

Stack3d Insider

We felt it was necessary to ensure the coupon is the same across all participating brands, as it’ll make supplement shopping that little bit easier. Some of the offers set up for the launch of Stack3d Insider include discount between 15 to 35%, involving big name brands such as MAN Sports, Redcon1, and Inspired.

To sign up for the program simply visit and enter in your email. As mentioned we plan on launching the first Stack3d Insider email next week, then from there emails will be sent out on the first Monday of each month.