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MTS Nutrition’s Machine Motion is back with a new and improved formula

machine motion

Last year it was confirmed that Marc Lobliner would be reformulating his MTS Nutrition joint support supplement, Machine Motion. While that confirmation did come in a few months ago, this week that reformulated Machine Motion has now finally arrived.

Joint support

As you’d expect, MTS Nutrition’s new Machine Motion is still designed to help improve joint health. Where the product has changed for its re-release is with its formula, as the updated version features a slightly different, although an apparently better set of ingredients.


The Machine Motion sequel features four ingredients from its predecessor, two of those maintaining their doses. The consistent features are 400mg of bromelain, 5mg of the absorption enhancer BioPerine black pepper, 25mg of sodium hyaluronate, and cissus quadrangularis dosed at half a gram, but standardized to 40% ketosterones, whereas the original was 10%.

machine motion

The other half of MTS Nutrition’s new Machine Motion is where we see the most changes. The supplement no longer features the common joint ingredients glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin, instead, it has half a gram of Acumin curcumin a highly bioavailable form of turmeric, and 20mg of Q-Actin gherkin extract.

Serving size

One of the other key differences with the updated Machine Motion is sort of a byproduct of the new formula. The previous version did have quite a hefty serving size of six capsules, which has been halved for the reformulation making it only three capsules to swallow.

Machine Motion price

MTS Nutrition’s new and improved Machine Motion is now available at the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness. The retailer has kept the price on the joint support supplement exactly the same, with a full-size 30 serving bottle costing you $39.99.