Muscletech’s first Vitaligenix Series addition will be Vitaligenix Neuro

Vitaligenix Neuro

Not too long after Muscletech officially launched its first-ever Vitaligenix product, the testosterone booster Vitaligenix T10. The veteran company confirmed that there were more supplements coming soon to the rather advanced line of products.

This month, roughly 22 months since we were introduced to Muscletech’s Vitaligenix T10, another Vitaligenix supplement has been revealed. Vitaligenix Neuro has been confirmed as the first addition to the brand’s complex family of supplements primarily designed to enhance energy and mental focus.

The big question of course with this one is what ingredients does it actually have in it? At the moment we only know the name of the product and what it’s been formulated to do, with the rest of its details expected to be revealed later this month.

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