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Ignite your metabolism with MyoBlox’s stimulant free Rubix

Myoblox Rubix

Rubix is one of the latest supplement releases from the fast growing brand MyoBlox. It is a fully transparent, thermogenic, fat burning product that unlike most competitors in the weight loss category, doesn’t utilize any stimulants.

MyoBlox refers to its new Rubix as a metabolism ignitor, which is powered by a total of four different ingredients. Across the supplement’s two-scoop serving you get 3g of Micracarn — a special peptide infused carnitine tartrate — and 40mg each of Capsimax, LeanGBB, and Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Myoblox Rubix

The new MyoBlox Rubix is now available through the brand’s website at $49.99 per 50 serving tub, or 25 servings if you want those two scoop doses mentioned above. Currently, fans can find the weight loss product in two different flavors with Mango Chamoy and Pepino Limon.