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Northbound strips down to BCAAs and taurine for its new BCAA

Northbound BCAA

Northbound Nutrition has re-entered itself into the amino category with a new supplement called BCAA, which is slightly simpler than its previously released BCAA². By simpler we mean the product features slightly fewer ingredients, all while staying true to its title.

Unlike BCAA², Northbound Nutrition’s BCAA is a much more BCAA focused supplement. It is powered by a typical 5g dose of 2:1:1 ratio InstAminos BCAAs, along with 2g of taurine and 5mg of BioPerine black pepper for enhanced absorption of the formula.

Northbound BCAA

Another unique feature to Northbound Nutrition’s BCAA, something that the original BCAA² doesn’t have, is that it comes in all-natural flavors. The new product is available in two tastes with Miami Vice and Dirty Shirley, both naturally flavored and sweetened with organic stevia.

Fans of Northbound Nutrition can already purchase the brand’s latest supplement directly through its website. It is priced at $29.99 for a full 25 serving tub, which isn’t too different from BCAA² at $31.99 for 20 servings, although that has 8g of BCAAs, added tyrosine, coconut water, and the Spectra fruit and vegetable blend.