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Outbreak Nutrition unveils its nootropic competitor Transmit

outbreak nutrition transmit

The apocalyptic supplement company Outbreak Nutrition has unveiled its next big supplement release. Much like some of the last few products we’ve seen from the brand, its upcoming supplement isn’t for any of the more mainstream categories out there.

Coming soon from Outbreak Nutrition is a product called Transmit, which is a nootropic formula for enhancing mental focus and cognition. The nootropic category is an area more and more brands seem to be jumping into, as well as one we’re very interested to see what Outbreak has put together for.

At the moment Outbreak Nutrition Transmit is currently expected to release in roughly four to five weeks time. It’ll be launched in capsule form with a full bottle packing a total of 90 capsules, giving it a three capsule serving if it has the usual 30 servings per bottle.