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Performix’s Pump pill version is stackable with its Pump powder

Performix Pump Pill

Over the past few weeks, it’s almost been non-stop with new supplement releases from the Terra-Bead brand, Performix. That theme continues this week with details on another entirely new product that is due to hit GNC within the coming weeks.

The supplement in the spotlight today is called Performix Pump; however, it is not like the brand’s previously released Pump powder or recently released Pump V2X. This version of Performix Pump is a capsule formula, which features a very different set of ingredients compared to either of the other Pumps, and there is a reason for that.

Stackable formula

The capsule Performix Pump comes packed with a stimulant free formula designed to enhance muscle pumps. It features a light 1.725g non-transparent blend of glycerol, arginine, betaine, vanadyl sulfate, the three BCAAs, and NADH.

Performix Pump Pill

Where things take an interesting turn is that the Performix Pump pill is intended to be stacked with the powder version of Performix Pump, which presumably means Pump V2X as well. The combination of the pill and powder Pump promise a “powerhouse pump effect” that is suggested to be taken 20 to 30 minutes before your workout.

Price and release

As mentioned earlier, the Peformix Pump capsule version is due to hit GNC within the next few weeks. The product packs 50% more servings than Pump V2X with 30, two capsule servings, and is going to cost you $29.99 a bottle at both GNC and through the brand’s own website.